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By Katrina Sweeney

As the technology industry booms, the need for more hires increases. Gender diversity is a big focus for the technology industry. According to PwC, a lack of education on tech careers for young girls has meant that few women consider STEM careers, “only 3% of females say a career in technology is their first choice”. Whilst it seems that tech careers have not been regarded as much of an option for women, there is in fact, a variety of exciting careers and companies that want and need more females in technology careers.

Forbes, for example, has found that “teams with equal numbers of men and women generate on average 14% more revenue for their employer”, and “close to 85% of large, global enterprises believe that workforce diversity is crucial in driving innovation”. Evidently, there are benefits of hiring women for companies, but there is also a greater benefit of changing statistics like “78% of students can’t name a famous female working in tech” according to PwC. Increasing female representation will encourage more women to enter the technology sector.  

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If you’re a woman who is interested in the technology field, we here at Hire STEM Women (HSW) have created a list of best-paid careers in technology!

Software developer – £44,295 (average salary according to Glassdoor)

In simple terms Software Developers code and test software based upon software specifications and design. This role involves designing and building computer programs for user/customer needs, writing and testing code using development tools. There are more specialised developer positions, such as system developer, web developer, mobile developer, and test automation developer. You can also end up earning more than 6 figures!

Junior Data Scientist – £31,000-£34,000 (average salary according to Glassdoor)

With more experience, this salary can rise to £40,000-£60,000, with lead and chief data scientists earning £60,000-£100,000+. This role involves compiling, analysing, and presenting data for organisations, to better understand their customers. Data scientists help organisations solve problems and help them make decisions.

Information security Analyst – £44,644 (average salary according to Glassdoor)

Information Security Analysts help organisations to stay secure online. They are responsible for preventing cybercrimes and protect computer networks and data systems.

Software engineer – £44,295 (average salary according to Glassdoor)

This role involves developing software and systems for businesses, writing, and testing code, and developing/adapting organisations applications or computer software.

Solutions Architect – £75,218 in London (average salary according to Glassdoor)

Solutions Architects are responsible for the design of various applications or services within an organisation, they usually are people who have a combination of technical and business skills.

These are just some of many high-earning technology careers and there is a lot of potential for women to get hired into these specialist roles. PwC did a research on the low percentage of females in the tech industry overall and found that only ‘5% of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women”, together with Hire STEM Women you can be introduced to these high in-demand technology careers.

Keep in mind these exciting roles when you are looking for jobs, knowing you will be financially rewarded for your hard work and efforts.

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