Careers in Engineering

Here is a rundown of some of the many careers you can go into within engineering, focusing on 5 key sectors – check them out!

1 – Civil Engineering (£25,000 – £80,000 + annually)

Civil engineers are designers, builders, constructors, and supervisors wrapped up into one role. They plan and create various types of projects such as building skyscrapers, bridges, new towns, airports, railways, roads etc.

If you admire buildings or attractions and wonder more about how this is created & how certain buildings withstand weather conditions, you could consider a career in civil engineering.

2 – Chemical Engineering (£29,000 – £60,000+ annually)

Chemical engineers design, manufacture and operate on the processes that turn raw materials into industrial and domestic products.

The food and drink we consume, the energy we use, and the clothes we wear are all dependent on chemical engineers. Chemical engineering food production methods reduce food shortages so that output is maximized and more people can be fed.

3- Mechanical Engineering (£22,000 – £55,000+ annually) 

Mechanical engineers design, develop, install and operate on anything with moving parts. They can design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators.

This also involves identifying any mechanical problems and using tools/machine to amend this – whether this be for mass-produced goods or ultra-tech equipment. 

5- Electrical Engineering (£20,000- £60,000+ annually)

Electrical engineers work on electrical products and systems, from research and design to installation and handover, with a focus on safety, sustainability and value for money from transport networks, electric motors, lighting, renewable energy etc.

This role can help to contribute towards saving the planet whilst making everyday life more efficient, with the chance to work in a range of sectors such as: IT, renewable energy, mobile networking, finance, arts, consulting, power and construction, amongst many more. 

If you are interested in any of the above engineering roles, feel free to get in touch at or WhatsApp us on 07561 382 701 & register your details on our website and we can discuss how we can work together to help you into these sectors. 

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