How to ace video interviews

We know that video interviews can make us all a bit nervous and more detached from the usual interview process pre-Covid-19. Therefore, we have created some tips on how to do well in video interviews to reduce stress and smash those interviews!


As soon as the date and time of the interview has been set, begin by researching the company. 

• Look at the company’s website and social media to find out more about them and see if there are any events or policies that stand out and be sure to jot these down!

• Take note of the company values and how this relates to you – this is great to mention when you are asked ‘Why you are interested in this company?’

• Be specific: Have a look at the company’s blog pages and quote something specific that stood out to you such as any diversity statistics in the business are you have applied for

Plan, plan, plan

It’s been said before and will be said again but planning for your interview can really help. Here are some things you should plan:

• Planning possible answers to questions like ‘Tell me a time where you have worked with a team’ or ‘tell me about yourself’, it may help to look up the kinds of questions sectors like them ask – so you have more of an idea on how to plan your answers.

^ These types of questions are competency focused but it might also be useful for you to do extra research on strength-based interviews as well.

• Plan your possible answers using the STAR method – (Situation, Task, Action, Result)

• Plan some questions to ask at the end, this shows great interest and will look good, ask things like ‘What’s the company culture like?’ & ‘Are there any progression opportunities?’

• Look at the job requirements & specifications, and write down a time you have displayed each of these – this will help you to incorporate this into your interview


Practice makes perfect!

• Have a friend or someone you know have a mock interview with you, where you can put your notes and research into practice

• Practice looking into the camera whilst saying your answers

• Practice looking engaged such as looking at the camera which essentially is your virtual eye contact with the recruiter


• Prepare what you will wear to ensure you look professional

• Decide what room you will have the interview in, ensuring a tidy background with no loud sounds or distractions

• Log on early to check the link works and to double-check what the background looks like

• Do a test on your device to ensure all technology is set up smoothly and there are no problems on the day

Before the interview

• Take 10 deep breaths in and out, this may help whilst listening to calming music

• Look over your notes, it may help to have these around your laptop if you need a quick glance, without making it too obvious you are looking

• Remember you are safe in your house, and this should be an exciting experience and conversation, as whilst you are being interviewed, remember you are also assessing if this is the right job and company for you too – so consider your needs!


• Smile and look engaged, give a warm, friendly greeting, and maintain a positive energy throughout

• Look at the camera to give the illusion you are looking in their eye

• Sit up straight and use your hands every so often when talking

• Speak confidently and clearly – have water nearby whenever you need

These tips are a great way to feel more prepared and at ease for video interviews, come back to this whenever you need support. 

Keep calm and smash that video interview!

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